Companies On Board

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The Mission

In response to the governments request for the private sector to step up, Skylab Apps, a behavior modification company, Sirqul, a location-based AI company, and AWS have donated resources to the DoYourPart movement.

The mission is to showcase & reward the specific behaviors required to flatten the curve & keep citizens of all ages from feeling alone or scared during isolation with humor and positivity.

This website & app will not be used for profit and all data will be deleted after this emergency is over.

Before COVID-19, most people were programmed that the limelight on social media was the only light worth seeking. However, we all know it is the habits you shape in the dark that matter the most, like courage, honesty and hard work. The goal of is to remind people there is a hero inside all of us, by showcasing the everyday actions that are needed to save lives.”
– Dean Grey, Skylab Apps Founder / CEO