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Lead Companies

How We’re Helping

All of Skylab Apps' client apps that are showcasing Covid-19 behaviours and the website are entirely run on AWS, additional support is being provided in the form of in-kind credits to power this important project.

How We’re Helping

Skylab Apps is spearheading the development of the #DoYourPart app and donating all resources and our entire technology platform at no cost.

How We’re Helping

Sirqul is donating resources and support of its powerful location-based, AI, and commerce platform for the #DoYourPart app at no cost.

Companies on Board


Budweiser is an American-style pale lager produced by Anheuser-Busch, currently part of the transnational corporation AB InBev and produced in various breweries around the world. AB InBev is working with its longtime partner, the American Red Cross, with a $5 million initial donation, as well as a donation of media time in support of its public service announcements. AB InBev is also working with sports partners to identify stadiums and arenas that can be used for temporary blood drives, and is producing hand sanitizer for the Red Cross to be distributed to communities in need. AB will be donating apparel product to #DOYOURPART.

How We’re Helping

We have started creating hand sanitizer and donating it to designated local municipalities, medical facilities and grocery store employees.


For #doyourpart, ELMNTL is leading the website and digital asset creation. For brands that need help dealing with the impact of coronavirus, ELMNTL is offering discounted marketing consulting and digital marketing services including Google & Facebook Ads, Influencer Outreach, SEO, Social Media and Email Newsletter management. ELMNTL is also offering free consulting for non-profits.

How We’re Helping

For the #doyourpart movement, we are spearheading the digital strategy effort including plans for social media. Outside of this movement, for individuals we are opening up new remote working opportunities as fast as we can and for businesses we set up a new division (VENTRPLAN) to help secure capital as well as other important continuity and sustainability services.

Wicked Cutz

WickedCutz will donate product to those qualified individuals who top the leaderboard #DOYOURPART engaging in everyday activities to stay healthy and safe as we all collectively fight this virus!

Noni by NewAge

Noni by NewAge is committed to educating and inspiring the planet to live healthy. We are donating both cash and products at risk to America’s Food Fund founded by Chef José Andrés and recently boosted by Apple with Laurene Powell Jobs, Leonardo DiCaprio and the Ford Foundation.

Rachel Scheer Nutrition

Functional Medicine Nutritionist with private practice in McKinney, TX. Speaking on news channels about nutrition for the immune system for preventing COVID-19 + coming out with #StillIRise Legging Line and offering a discount to people in campaign and doing their part.

Ultimate LIfe

Our business is on a mission to inspire happiness, health and wealth worldwide. We do this through our social apps and our Academy on Life & Business. We are offering free and paid content, courses and challenges to inspire fun and drive change in your life and business. We are donating our 7 day challenge to help people play and win the game of life. For thousands of people in over 55 countries, this 7 day challenge has been the jump start they needed to take their lives and businesses to another level.

Coco Taps

CocaVinny and Coco Taps are all about #DOYOURPART and helping those in need as we collectively fight this virus! Coco Taps is donating 5-10 cases of tapped branded coconuts to our #DOYOURPART badge leaders!

AM Data Service

We are a managed IT service provider. We provide outsourced help desk services to companies of all sizes. We also have our own private, secure cloud. We gave 3 months of free service to the Humane Society of Huron Valley in addition to other discounts. We onboarded them as a new client just as the coronavirus exploded in the Metro Detroit region. For #DoYourPart, AM Data Service is offering discounted IT services and cloud hosting. We're also setting up telecommuting technologies for essential businesses for free. Our owner is also providing consultation to other businesses regarding stimulus funding.

My Wine Society

My Wine Society was created to allow users to connect and start tracking your wine adventures! Win FREE tastings, tours, hotel stays and prizes from around the world just by using the app. Explore new regions, find new wineries and connect with other wine enthusiasts, all while winning amazing prizes and learning about the wine world! My Wine Society has partnered with Alliance For Smiles to donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help support their doctors through 2020! If you would like to learn more, visit our website!